Pangea Blue Economy Demo Day

Our mission through the program is to support efforts for a sustainable Blue Economy to harness its full potential as a vehicle for economic development and growth through creation of jobs and reduction of poverty. For this we sought to support entrepreneurship in the sector by providing support October 2021 through to February 2022. During …

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Meet Duhqa

What is Duhqa all about? Duhqa is a B2B end to end supply chain distribution platform. We decided the problem that affects us personally, which is getting what we need from the closest place we live. We see the potential that logistics has and we have built good traction around it. We are positive that …

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Fundraising for Scaleups in Africa

Pangea Accelerator in Partnership with Afrilabs cordially invites you to our webinar dubbed Fundraising for Scaleups in Africa. The purpose of this event is to dissect the fundraising landscape in Africa, focusing more on scale-ups. There is great concern among medium-sized businesses looking to scale up, particularly about access to funding and navigating the funding …

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