ShelterTech Closing Event

▪ How can research and development address dysfunctional affordable housing approaches we see in
Africa provides people both with better living conditions and a better quality of life.
▪ Can Research and development in affordable housing fix the gaps in housing such as policy, innovation to
make housing affordable, will the infusion of technology increase efficiency of service delivery?
▪ Can research and development in affordable housing result in improved living standards alongside the
obvious such as, decent affordable housing that results in improves health and enables children to do
homework, freeing up women’s time to participate in the labor market?
▪ And more subtly, can home and its surroundings affect identity and self-respect?

Community Activities in March 2021
▪ This event aimed to showcase impactful research and development initiatives and startup cases that
have used innovation and technology to improve affordable housing in Africa.
▪ The event focused on how the innovation or technology has improved affordable housing in planning,
access to land and basic services, decision making in urban upgrading, and access to funding for
affordable housing to urban poor.
▪ The event will explore how innovation and technology can empower communities in Africa and
contribute to the learning required to understand the principles and pre-conditions that deliver
responsive innovation and technology in Housing.
The audience and participants learned about new innovations and technology powered by research and
development to transform and change the affordable housing landscape in Africa.
Event Outcome

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