Job Summary: Program Manager.

The Program Manager manages several projects at the same time working with a diversity of actors (External and Internal); Project partners; Project staff; Project participants (designated participants with projects in acceleration or incubation phase) and other internal managers handling the portfolio of finance, communication, operations and acceleration. 

An entrepreneurial-minded person with a natural fit for a fast-paced, entrepreneurial and small business nurturing environment. The role requires an individual with energy, focus, vision, dedication and an ability to juggle multiple priorities. A high degree of communication, political sensitivity and public relations skills are required due to the highly collaborative nature of the position.


  • Ensures the success of the organization’s commitment to supporting economic development by facilitating entrepreneurship and small business development.
  • Overseeing the day-to-day operation of the programs, including marketing Pangea Accelerator recruitment of potential startups for different programs, and assisting in screening potential high potential startups and making recommendations.
  • Develops and executes effective outreach strategies to recruit high potential startups by providing excellent coaching, consulting, and connections to support the startups.
  • Attract high potential and growth-oriented early-stage businesses 
  • Effectively provides leadership and supervision to staff including mentors, coaches, advisors and volunteers. Supervision includes training, work assignment and review and performance evaluation.
  • Prepare and Organize a Business strategic Workshop ensuring successful adoption and use of Pangea strategic approaches for growth startups.
  • Provide one on one tracking and follow-up support for each business supported by the accelerator, by ensuring, 100% adoption and execution of business growth strategy by the startups through support and mentorship. 
  • Analyzes and maintains an awareness of trends within business acceleration as a discipline, and where appropriate, making changes (or as appropriate, recommending changes to the organization) in the nature of the services and support offered by the program to the startups.
  • Develops and implements policies governing the operation of the accelerator and coordinates facility upkeep and ensures the facility is maintained and presentable to the startups and public at large.
  • Develops and maintains startups database, prepares periodic reports, and maintains records of projects, progress, and the status of the accelerator.
  • Assists in identifying potential funding sources for the operation of the accelerator and expansion opportunities.
  • Contributing to a work environment that encourages knowledge of, respect for, and development of skills to engage with those of other diverse backgrounds.
  • Manages the business accelerator programs and also identifies problem areas within clients.
  • Identify and curate a pipeline of opportunities that the organization can pursue and present and consult with senior level management on business trends with a view of developing new services and proposals for submission to potential partners.
  • Identify and profile different potential partners that the organization can collaborate or partner with to pursue business opportunities
  • Using knowledge of the market and competitors, identify and develop the company’s unique selling propositions and differentiators.
  • Create detailed project implementation plans, schedules and all project documents as required by different projects.
  • Support the project lead in designated aspects of project delivery.

What we are looking for:

  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills – You enjoy interacting with new people and sharing your option comes naturally.
  • Good business judgment, market research, financial modeling and analytical skills.
  • Must be familiar with business models and value chains, and have a proven ability to analyze market opportunities and develop go-to-market strategies and plans.
  • Ability to build relationships across diverse actors, work independently, build trust and work efficiently with internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Good interpersonal skills with a strong partner and client focus. 
  • Eager and able to solve complex problems in a multidisciplinary context and focused on results 
  • Ability to work under pressure and to deliver on strict deadlines in a timely manner. 
  • Highly motivated with a can-do attitude and desire to drive change in the organization 
  • Leadership Skills: You will have to keep the project colleagues and other participants motivated, resolve conflicts and make hard decisions when required. 
  • You will be expected to keep and help startups manage a budget. Microsoft Excel usage and manipulation is key. 
  • Analytical Skills: High need for analytical skills to be able to solve problems that may come up during typical project implementation. You will be analyzing data, results, feedback and making decisions that affect the projects on a regular basis. 
  • Experience in working in entrepreneurship development and the acceleration field will be a valued consideration. 
  • The ability to work collaboratively with a variety of constituents and organizations is required.
  • The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of diverse backgrounds is required.

If you strongly feel you are the right person fill in the  Program Manager Form before February 28th, 2021.

About Pangea Accelerator: 

We are a Norwegian-based accelerator program and an investment platform that matches African startups with investors through developing competence, relevant network access, and capital to entrepreneurs. We have so far accelerated 80+ African startups. Read more here Program Manager Form  

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