Pangea Investor Roundtable

Welcome to the Pangea Investor Roundtable, December 12th

The Investment Program enlightens investors on investing in Africa and provides access to a larger community of investors. Investors gain first-hand experience by direct interaction with startups in the accelerator. The investment program encourages interaction and cooperation between investors in evaluating startups and learning practical skills to making smart investments.

The program comprises of 8 sessions that runs simultaneously to the accelerator program. At the end of the program money is awarded to one or more companies and angel investors become limited partners in a venture fund.

This roundtable is organized to inform you about the startups in Kenya and to capture the input and preferences from interested investors.


• Showcasing some of the startups in the accelerator

• The Due diligence process and how we find the best startups (BDO as partner)

• The SPV structure for investments


The program will focus on 30 startups in Housing, Smart City, Fintech, Water/Sanitation and more. We are organizing the accelerator program in partnership with Habitat For Humanity, IKEA Foundation, UN-habitat amongst others.

The event will be hosted at The Factory – Nedre Vollgate 3

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