Pangea Investor Program 2017

Pangea Angel Investor Program

Learn how to invest in early stage start-ups in Kenya

At Pangea, we believe in making African start-ups investment ready as well as connecting them to strong, active and competent international and diaspora investment communities that brings value to the African ecosystems. By activating both experienced and inexperienced investors from both the international and diaspora communities, we aim to activate angel investors, and provide them with the right tools and skills in angel investment in African Startups.

We are kicking off the pilot of Pangea Angel Investor Program in Oslo in March 2018. Through a 6 weeks program, we will train participants in the necessary aspects of assessing early-stage African ventures, and let them participate in a hands-on assessment, due diligence and investment processes. At the end of the program, participants will be an experienced angel investor, and will invest in more start-ups that they can mentor and help grow.

The program starts in week 12 in March, with workshops, seminars and related events until the end of May.

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