Meet Duhqa

What is Duhqa all about?

Duhqa is a B2B end to end supply chain distribution platform. We decided the problem that affects us personally, which is getting what we need from the closest place we live.

We see the potential that logistics has and we have built good traction around it. We are positive that it will grow tremendously, thus making our investors happy.

We want to play a role in making a difference for the mass market and we can already see the impact that it has on the group that is mostly neglected.

Why the name Duhqa?

Duhqa is coined from the common Arabic and Swahili word “Duka” meaning shop, which is commonly used in East, West and North Africa. We tweaked it since we are approaching things differently. 

Our philosophy is “Not there yet!”. There is still so much more that we can do to make our continent better and we are more than ready and committed to take on the challenge. 

We also pride ourselves in having the best team in tech that has created one of the most robust tech platforms in Africa!

Which SDG are you solving?

SDG 8: Decent Work & Economic Growth;

We support small businesses in the mass market to enable them to compete with big business. These small businesses are sole proprietorships and have far reaching benefits to drive the economic growth of a community and country 

SDG 5: Gender Equality

We work in the tech space where the majority of the workforce is men. Through our CSR arm, we have an extensive plan to drive our work force to 50/50 both men and women. We have currently done a good job to keep it at 40/60 women and men respectively across the board; starting with the executive team. 

SDG 1: No Poverty

As a business, through the financial services of the organisation, we are providing skills training and financing options to disadvantaged businesses and in underprivileged communities. Skills training through our partners helps them acquire the abilities to qualify for quality financing and jobs with us. This helps them to have what it takes to lift them out of poverty.

What does success look like for Duhqa for the next 5 years?

We envision being a repayable household name as a socially responsible organization. We also aim to have expanded in more than five Africa countries and serve more than 100,000 customers.

What does Duhqa want to be remembered for?

We want to create a legacy as an organisation that positively impacts the lives of the communities around us and transforms the lives of our customers.

How is the Pangea Accelerator Blue economy going for you so far (in terms of learnings and the general experience)

Pangea has been like a big brother to us; holding our hand and showing us where to tread. We have gained lots of valuable insights through this program and we have no doubt that we will grow much faster and propel our business to greater heights.

Any parting shots?

The secret to life is to do what you love, there lies success and fun. If at all nothing else, do that!

By Wairimu Karen

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