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The Investment Program enlightens investors on investing in Africa and provides access to a larger community of investors. 

Investors gain first hand experience by direct interaction with startups in the accelerator. The investment program encourages interaction and cooperation between investors in evaluating startups and learning practical skills to making smart investments. 

The program comprises of 4 sessions that runs simultaneous to the accelerator program. At the end of the program money is awarded to one or more companies and angel investors become limited partners in a venture fund.

Our versatile investment platform enables you to learn, invest and make an impact



Up to 30 investors per cohort join and each contribute up to $13,000.00 to an investment pool.

Investors receive up to 16 hours of instruction in best practices in investments combined with extensive interaction with accelerated start-ups.

Start-ups apply to join the competition and go through elimination rounds to arrive at the Final 10 who will continue on to Demo Day.

During the competition, investors get to know the start-ups’ products/services, as well as the people running the companies.

The program culminates in a due diligence process and awards money to the winning companies. In addition, the startups are moved to the Pangea Platform for further mentoring and investments.

Program partners

Investor Training

The program provides a valuable platform and information for participants regarding aspects of assessing early-stage African ventures, and allows them, a hands-on participation, evaluation and due diligence on the investment process. At the end of the program, you will have gained practical expertise in appraising African startups, have a stake in one or more of these startups; and be fully equipped to help them grow and prosper

Investor Workshops

The Investor program consist of 4 sessions and starts Tuesday 9th of April


Choose if you want to be a mentor and we match you with the relevant startups

Investment Size

Choose investment size towards the end of the program


Due Dilligence partnership with BDO to cover compliance, AML, KYC, Tax etc. 

Get Insight

Get to know talented African startup and learn about the African market


Get to know other investors and increase your network

Nairobi (Optional)

Visit the accelerator program in Nairobi and Demo day 22nd-24th of May.

To make it even easier and transparent we will be adding the investment information and captable to Bizbot.

Each investor will be given login information to Startup Includer, where all information on participating startups will be accessible.

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