Call for startups tackling pandemics

We’re inviting startups to join our Pandemic4Health accelerator program to help us meet the challenges African societies are facing in managing health pandemics. Our ambition is to support digital health services projects that aim at improving and accelerating African governments’ healthcare system.

We believe in closing the existing gaps and improving capacity as a preventive approach for future similar pandemics as we have witnessed with COVID19, Ebola, Swine flu, SARS among other health pandemics.

pangea health accelerator

Solutions we are looking for

Supply chain logistics

Accesible and available commodities for publich health response.

Technology to track pandemics

Virtual mapping and tracking tools

Self evaluation

Mass Testing Tools

Emergency response system

Government, Community Healthcare Workers

Preventive solution's for disease spreading

Community Mobilization

Social distancing

Behavioural change


Wide variation of digital services

Benefits for Selected Startups

We’re looking for amazing innovators and innovations for the health sector and we are keen to partner with you and give you that extra edge that can take your startup to the next level. The Pandemic4Health Accelerator offers you unparalleled support including:

Pangea Accelerator Investment Platform and Network

Become a part of Pangea Accelerator’s network with access to their investor platform and interact with other founders like you who are building awesome companies that are solving Africa’s challenges.

Customized problem solving

We will help you unpack your challenges, identify the root cause and take the right decisions through highly customized one on one problem solving strategy sessions. One problem at a time.

Startup Coach

Our startup coaches will ensure that you receive domain expertise and will offer you a helping hand wherever required. The accelerator will be remote with occasional physical meet-ups.

Financial Support

Businesses selected for the accelerator will receive financial support in terms of equity investments, catalytic funding, or both.

Global Exposure

Pandemic4Health Accelerator is one of the first programs in Africa. Plug into our network and expand your understanding of tackling pandemics in Africa as we help your startup scale for international markets.

Who should apply?

We are looking for market based and scalable solutions that solve some of the critical challenges in the health sector in Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda. Our ideal startup has a for-profit and scalable business model.

Finally, due to the level of impact and growth we are seeking, we would like to see startups with some pilots, early customer traction or even sales; so that we can easily design the formula in tracking your milestones and rapidly scale your business.

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