The 11 finalists:

Tozzaplus Manage your business from time, money to people.
TozzaPlus is a cloud business management tool for small businesses with an integrated accounting, invoicing, payroll, payouts and CRM modules.

Acacia Innovation Nearly smokeless alternative to charcoal and firewood made from sugarcane waste.
Accacia Innovation supplys biomass briquettes to schools and small businesses. They also have an innovative ‘cookstove + briquette subscription model’.

Onesha Connecting Businesses to Africa’s Top Creatives.
Onesha is an online marketplace for Africa’s top creatives where businesses get access to vetted and sorted pool of creatives in diverse categories who can deliver on specific tasks at the business’ budget.

Yusudi – Youth talent for business growth.
This is a blended Learning program which provides life skills development program aimed at enabling people to grow their career as employees or entrepreneurs.

Biasharabot Do Less and Sell More On Social Media.
Biasharabot is a marketing tool which helps in handling customer queries, makes shopping and checkout process simpler, and also enables easy options for marketing.

Skolera User-Oriented Unified Learning Platform.
Skolera provides a suite of tools for the 5 actors involved in the educational process This promotes full digitisation and distribution of resources, assessment, collaboration and communication, monitoring and supervision and finally reporting.

Lakeview Fisheries Changing how you and your fish connect.
Creates a network of micro franchise fish vendors deployed in some of LVF’s 500 locations within Nairobi. The cold chain solution is easily portable and takes into account constraints such as lack of electricity.

Sure Corporation Transportation network company.
Sure Corporation runs Safiri Express a reliable, affordable and comfortable pre-booked shuttle service in Nairobi.

HelpMum Improving Maternal and Infant Health in Africa.
HelpMum is health technology that uses the power of mobile technology and low cost innovation to tackle maternal and infant death in Africa.

SaveKubwa – Personalized Car Insurance in Under 3 mins.
Guides customers to access the right motor insurance. On the platform, insurance companies can also login and access customer data and documents of policies they have sold, they also set up their Motor polices using our proprietary Policy generator.

Usalama – Providing access to Emergency services at the tap of a button.
The Usalama app is a platform that connects users and emergency service providers (ambulance, security, police, road-side assistance) in a quick and efficient manner, utilizing real-time user data, and an integrated web-based backend portal.