Blue Economy Webinar

The African Blue Economy sectors generate a value of USD 296 billion with 49 million jobs today. 38 of 54 African countries are coastal states with over 90% of Africa’s imports and exports transported by sea. The Blue economy sector is therefore of significant importance and has a high potential for growth. This webinar will discuss potential areas of opportunities for partnership between Kenya and Norway.

Private sector opportunities
The Blue Economy sector in Kenya has largely been plagued by under-investment and governance challenges. A more robust Multi-stakeholder Public Private Development Partnership for the Blue Economy can unlock the full potential of the ocean, seas, lakes and rivers and thereby accelerate economic growth, job creation and poverty eradication.

Such collaborations could accelerate responsible harnessing of the potential of the blue economy by providing practical access to new technological innovations, data for decision-making, new financing models and rapid institutional and human capacity development. We offer a great opportunity to hear from Blue Economy leaders from Kenya and insight into the growing private sector ecosystem.

The envisioned webinar on catalyzing private sector investment in the Blue Economy seeks to understand the underlying threats, challenges and opportunities that can spur rapid growth of the sector in Kenya, based on a potential multi-stakeholder collaboration between the Private Sector in Kenya and Norway.”

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