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Pangea Accelerator Program

3 month program focusing on Agriculture, Education, Healthcare & Infrastructure



ShelterTech Accelerator Kenya Program

6 month program in partnership with Habitat For Humanity, IKEA and BDO. Focusing on housing, water, energy & smartcity



Post Investment Support

Solution Lab focused on addressing urbanization challenges and maximizing opportunities in UrbanTech.

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ShelterTech Accelerator Kenya Program

The Kenya Shelter Tech Accelerator Program was a six month milestone based accelerator program focused on validation and scalability. The accelerator ensured the investment readiness of  startups and connected startups with the right angel and diaspora investors.

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Habitat for Humanity’s Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter in collaboration with Pangea and BDO EA launched the ShelterTech 2018 program in Kenya. Habitat for Humanity is a leading global nonprofit working in nearly 1,400 communities throughout the U.S. and in nearly 70 countries; they started the Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter to advance market-based solutions for affordable shelter around the world. 

The program supported 30 startups working in the area of energy, water, and general housing construction technology, and worked towards supporting these startups to grow their businesses, connect with mentors and advisors, and gain exposure to investors.

Access to water, energy and housing is not only a universal human right; these are also basic needs that must be met for nations to develop. While the Kenyan government has made substantial strides in improving access to basic utilities, there remains an enormous market potential to provide cheaper, smarter solutions for marginalized populations that have limited access to adequate utility and housing infrastructure.

The mission of the program is to find, train and support the most promising entrepreneurs addressing challenges in housing, water and sustainable energy for marginalized Kenyan populations.

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Sectors we targeted

Energy: Startups increasing access to energy for underserved communities, improving the adoption of clean technologies, or startups creating new business models for households or businesses to manage their energy consumption.

Water: Startups increasing access to potable water, providing innovative water management tools and processes, or building new products for households or businesses that conserve water resources or combat water pollution.

Housing: Startups disrupting the housing industry with alternative building supplies that value resource conservation, improve access to low-income housing, or improve the quality and living conditions of people in under served areas such as improved sanitation.


What do startups get out of the program?

• Dedicated expertise to help you reach the potential in your team, business model and market strategy
• Matchmaking to connect you to capital and investors to scale your company
• Opportunity to get up to $50 000 in funding
• Working with other people going through the same challenges makes a huge difference
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