Promising Startups in 2018

Pangea, an international startup accelerator, has selected 40 promising startups that will benefit from a three-month milestone-based programme in collaboration with Strathmore University’s @iBizAfrica. From this group, up to 10 startups stand a chance to be chosen to receive initial funding of up to US$50,000 each.

Pangea received a total of 403 applications from. The 2 largest sources of these applications were Kenya and Nigeria with 220 applications from Kenya and 107 applications from Nigeria.

Applications to the pangea accelerator were open to African Startups at either the pre-revenue stage or already generating a revenue. In addition, the startups were required to show that capability to create jobs in their respective communities.

Pangea’s plan comprises the launch of a crowd investment platform in June 2018, allowing accelerated startups further access to funding. Often faced with a lack of access to capital and the expertise to scale globally, startups in Kenya stand to benefit greatly from Pangea’s crowd investment platform and it’s business development networks across the globe.

The 40 Selected Startups


This is a women’s lifestyle platform in Kenya and is rapidly growing in Nigeria. They formed their content around what readers were really interested in; edu-tainment. Their value content has been localised to the Kenyan context with impressive engagement feedback to cater to their audience. They work around four different agencies: advertising, creative agency, e-commerce and soon to come offline events.


Getgas are tackling the problem of acquisition of legally filled LPG cylinders and eliminate the bureaucracy that is associated with big petroleum firms. Their long term goals is to scale the oil and gas industry. They are a Kenyan start-up on the rise to becoming the country’s leading Gas-To-The-Home supplier.


GiG offers a solution for by providing a platform that is able to manage the whole event process flow from before the event, during the event and after the event. Through a web and mobile platform event organizers can : Create and Add their events, manage RSVPs, Ticketing, Suppliers, Communication to attendees and get real-time reports of how their event is progressing with regards to attendance, traffic, inquiries and on-site  registrations.


Skolera provides a suite of tools for the 5 actors involved in the educational process (Head of department, Teacher, Student, Parent, School Administrator) to enable full digitisation and distribution of resources, assessment, collaboration and communication, monitoring and supervision and finally reporting. Skolera is user-oriented; focusing on Education 4.0 pillars; while aiming at providing the best user experience for all stakeholders.


The Uwakili user can fulfil their legal obligations via login onto the platform and follow an easy 3 steps i.e. CREATE, SIGN, SAVE *CREATE: Users will be able to create legal documents on their own by answering a few simple questions; *SIGN: Users can sign their own documents, and at the same time send the same documents to 3rd parties for signature, with the additional ability of sending reminders for every unsigned document. *SAVE: The user can then save, share, download or email the document to him/herself or to other users/ interested parties and track applications for legal processes requested.


Biasharabot provides a dashboard where clients list all their products and their pricing then the system creates a bot powered by artificial intelligence. The bot is linked to their Facebook page and will handles all the customer queries. The system also automates the creation of marketing post using images and product description already provided and then scheduled them for posting at specific times chosen by the client.

Energy Integrals

Energy Integrals is a cloud-based energy management analytics software, hardware-neutral, to reduce energy use and cost. Typical applications: Energy Analysis, Reporting, Alarms, Tenant Billing, Benchmarking, Carbon and many more. Organisations can monitor usage in real time. Individuals can directly monitor consumption of their homes real time anywhere they are in the world. Every energy consumer can have information on their energy habits and making sound decisions.


Azali automates self-help groups activities and financials, giving the chamas down to each member, clarity of what they have, what they owe and how their money is performing in the various investment portfolios.The platform also leverages on the chama network allowing members to borrow from other groups thus establishing a transparent & highly efficient lending marketplace.


Taimba strengthens and streamlines the agricultural value chain in order to give everyone equal opportunity to have access to affordable quality food. How it works: Source from the farmer saccos at affordable prices that are farmer friendly. Offer the retailers the fresh produce at lower than market prices. Deliver for free. Provide 12 to 24 hour credit to vendors. Use technology to capture data on all aspects of the business that can be used over time.


This is a quality and affordable 3D printer that is locally built from scratch, using recycled electronic waste parts and other locally available materials. It is not just the machine but what people can do with the machine, especially when directed towards positive impact. As such AB3D believes in creating easy and affordable access to this technology, while building capacity around its core competency skills.


Mobile POS – An android application that enables micro merchants to:
• CaptureSales
• Record Purchases
• Manage Inventory
Order for products
• Ask for credit (working capital).

Web dashboard – A web based dashboard that enables business owners to:
• Generate sales, expense and margin reports
• Run analytics on business performance
• Customer communication platform via SMS, email
• Run basic accounting.

FMCG Dashboard – A web based dashboard that enables FMCG companies to get real time visibility at traditional trade on product performance and market demand of their products.

Sakal Africa

Sakal deals with fast Moving Consumer goods which ordinarily one would shop for at the supermarket by: giving brands direct access to homes and offices for marketing, research and sales and enabling mums to save Money and Time when they shop at the sub retail prices. Sakal delivers to homes.


Solarpoa are providers of SM100, an affordable, quality solar-powered light. It has been designed to provide safe, renewable lighting for families in developing regions. In particular, sub-Saharan Africa, where light is the key to better education, opportunities and a route out of poverty.

Pearl Medicare

M-tibu E-health is an E Health Platform combined with a portable medical diagnostic kit that enables patients in remote locations in Kenya to consult doctors and receive consultation services via a video call by visiting a medical kiosk in their community. They will be examined with help of the portable diagnostic kits and the results are sent to the doctor in real time. E-Prescriptions are then sent by the doctor back to the kiosk for dispensing medicines.


Nyangorora Banana Processors produces and sells salted banana crisps as their primary product. These crisps, branded Ritoke and made from a special variety of cooking banana, are notable for their high quality relative to current market offerings. All bananas are sourced locally, in Kisii and Nyamira counties.


Pepperest is a trusted intermediary between buyers and sellers. By using this product, buyers enjoy protection from the risk of loss of funds (when merchandise is not delivered or unacceptable grade from initial promise). Sellers who use Pepperest enjoys payment assurance because every order that passes through is money-backed, thereby eliminating the risk of losses (logistics & wear & tear).

Weza Interactive

Creates & conveys African Stories & experiences through games. Weza Interactive Entertains, Empowers & Educates


Koncart is a platform that empowers one to build your fintech idea with ease. It provides for a quick way to create and manage virtual wallets and transactions with an in depth analysis to a clients data by leveraging on the analytics dashboard. Koncart aims at empowering developers, businesses and organizations to develop their fintech idea/solutions with ease, without worrying about transactions bookkeeping, virtual wallets and Business Intelligence analytics.

Afri Kids Store

Provides Learning Materials to children -Subscription on curated content. Its a Marketplace for teachers and parents.

Nairobi Community Media House

African Slum Journal is a biweekly video journal which tells about the life of people living in the slum communities. We train reporters from the slum communities. The Media House mission is to empower young reporters to be the voice of the community and tackle the social challenges in the slum. This way, the Media House creates employment, supports independent media and encourage development that will improve the living standards in the slums.


Onesha is an online marketplace for Africa’s top creatives where businesses get access to a vetted and sorted pool of creatives in diverse categories, who can deliver on specific tasks at the business’ budget


VPOS is a ‘digital credit card’. The company provides customers with a revolving line of credit that they can use to make purchases from
both partner stores and merchant who have mobile payment platforms like MPESA Paybill and Lipa na MPESA. Payments are made directly to the merchant on a real time basis. Monthly installments are recovered from the customers depending on the amount and period (6 – 36 month), through direct debits. The customers can deposit funds in their wallets and continue using the app to make purchases just like a credit card.


Brooding involves supplying chicks with supplemental heat. During the first weeks of a chick’s life, heat is more important than food. The chick seems anatomically complete at hatch, but it’s thermoregulatory, gastro-intestinal and immune system needs further development/maturation. Arinifu provides a Smart Brooder, a device with armed with sensors that takes readings throughout the brooding space and relays the data to a small analog computer, programmed to determine the age of the chicks and regulates the conditions in the brooding space according to their age. GSM is used to convey data to the farmer and one can receive an sms if something goes wrong.

Acacia Innovation

Accacia Innovation supplies biomass briquettes to the school and small business market, and have an innovative “cookstove + briquette subscription model” to expand the potential market, drive uptake, and retain customers.


TozzaPlus is a cloud business management tool for small businesses with an integrated accounting, invoicing, payroll, payouts and CRM modules. SMEs & Startups work in an environment of great uncertainty, poor cash flow and tax management challenges and poor customer & employees’ management. TozzaPlus provides a state of the art tool that helps SMEs and Startups out of these challenges


Kytabu provides access to required educational material, including textbooks, for teachers and students in the national education system in Kenya through the use of mobile devices.

Construction Machinery Traders

This is an online marketing platform for the construction industry, where users can:
• Publish machinery for rent/lease
• Publish machinery for sale
• Expert sales persons can offer their skills to the vendors
• Machinery operators can advertise their services
• Machinery transporters can advertise their services
• General public can view and select their suitable service provider

Kibogo Innovate

Kibogo uses only locally sourced raw material, from nontraditional organic sources, giving their fertilizer a mark ahead of the competition. Kibogo Innovate has customized products to meet and exceed expectation of small scale farmers who traditionally were not using fertilizers or were using in small quantities. This helps farmers lower input cost, raise production and profitability while giving them peace of mind to know that they are also enriching and replenishing soil nutrients vital for healthy crop production.


SaveKubwa is a one of a kind platform in East Africa. Each stakeholder gets access to the platform to be able to perform their tasks. The insurance companies can login and access customer data and documents of policies they have sold, they can also set up their Motor polices using their proprietary Policy generator. The customer can login and access previously run quotes, update their information, upload documents and manage bought polices. The platform is set up toward providing risk based pricing if the Insurer wants to and can target different polices to different users, using Savekubwa’s inbuilt qualifiers.

Komboa Gari

Komboa is Kenya’s Peer – to – Peer Car Sharing Service. Komboa allows private car owners to rent out their vehicles via an online and mobile interface. Komboa allows private car owners set their rental prices and earn a commission from rental revenue.


For micro donors in East Africa, Microfundit provides a simple, secure and seamless way to give to humanitarian causes they care about most and have brands they love amplify their impact every time they give!

Africa Collects Textile

Africa Collects Textile looks at the possibilities for recycling used textiles and footwear. Sweaters (made from acrylic and wool) can be recycled into blankets. Clothes or curtains can be cut in strips and knitted into mats and poufs. Shredded textiles or pieces of textiles can be reinforced by resins and can be molded into products like vases, plates, mannequins, table tops and chairs. Items can become building materials like (insulating) plate materials and corrugated sheets. Footwear can be recycled into rubber mats suitable for doormats or running tracks.


ZOAmicro is a financial management platform for SACCOs that allows them to automate member registration, Loan origination, Loan Approval, Loan Disbursement, Reporting and Data Analytics. Moreover, the platform comes with a mobile app for the members of the SACCO. The members can therefore, register for an account, apply for a loan, make their deposits, and know their balances on their phone without taking a day off to go to the branch and filling forms. ZOAmicro’s is offered on a B2B model and the goal is to increase financial services access and inclusion by availing services offered by the financial institution.


Yusudi Blended Learning program will offer blended learning courses available in any location for a smartphone or a computer with internet access. It will provide customized, skills learning courses to youth lacking skills for their professional growth and searching for self-learning opportunities online. Through algorithm, the platform will identify the needs of the learner and combine modular content, including online learning material, experiential learning with real-life cases, in-person tasks, and personalized coaching for the trainee through phone or Internet connection. It will also define the best style of learning and motivation factors for each person. The duration of such customized course will be flexible for the learner to decide. The learner pays for every one month of learning and extra fee for additional coaching sessions besides those included in the course. The learning course will improve the practical skills of the learner, allowing them to grow professionally in their given environment.


HelpMum is health technology that uses the power of mobile technology and low cost innovation to tackle maternal and infant death in Africa. HelpMum bridges the information gap and has developed a modern digital infrastructure for distributing health services to pregnant woman and nursing mothers. It’s innovative automated SMS and voice messaging platform.

Sure Corporation

Safiri Express is a reliable, affordable and comfortable pre-booked shuttle service launching in Nairobi. We create transit routes based on demand and we activate entire neighborhoods, estates and business districts and offer point to point connections in our spacious, wi-fi enabled shuttles and vans.

Lakeview Fisheries

The solution involves creating a network of micro franchise fish vendors deployed in some of Lakeview Fisheries’ 500 locations within Nairobi. Sure Corporation uses GIS to geo-map over 5,000 ideal locations for placement of fish vendors. The cold chain solution is easily portable and takes into account constraints such as lack of electricity. Each business comprises a fish vendor strategically placed in a low income settlement equipped with a patented temperature controlled fish transport box that rapidly cools the payload to the desired temperature and uses sensor technology to maintain and stabilize the temperature. It enables transport and storage of fish at the correct temperature and works without an external power source. It is backed by a cloud based GPS tracking system so that the location and quality of produce can be verified at any time.


Jiji empower independent fashion designers by providing a marketplace where they can sell their wares. Additionally, Jiji provides services tailored to sales e.g. Photography, Delivery, and more.


The Usalama app is a platform that connects users and emergency service providers (ambulance, security, police, road-side assistance) in a quick and efficient manner, utilizing real-time user data, and an integrated web-based back-end portal. Usalama is an android application combined with a backend portal for the provider.


WazInsure automates the entire insurance value chain by providing a seamless & customer-centric experience to emerging customers and insurers making insurance simpler, transparent and more cost-effective.

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