Meet Borghild Holen Chair of The Board of Directors at Pangea Accelerator.

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This month at Pangea, we have been running a series on the amazing women who make up the Pangea team. We had a chat with the Chair of The Board of Directors at Pangea Accelerator, Borghild Holen to get her insights on her journey and the interesting lessons and observations she has made over the years. She has always been passionate about business development and has over 33 years of experience in international financing and investments in emerging markets and developing countries.

Tell us a little about your journey and interest in business development and supporting youth and gender?

BH: Early in my career, I worked at the Regional Development Fund (Norwegian) and my experience doing business development inspired and informed me going forward in my career to continue supporting youth. This includes my time at DNB, the largest Norwegian Bank, where I worked most of my career. ( I did not work with startups in DNB, on the contrary, I worked with large corporates and financial institutions.)

My interests also led me to be entwined with…….

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