Developing the next generation of African entrepreneurs

Creating opportunities for startups and investors alike



Shelter Tech Accelerator with Habitat For Humanity, IKEA and BDO


Investor Program

The Investment Program enlightens investors on investing in Africa and provides access to a larger community of investors.

Our versatile investment platform enables you to learn, invest and make an impact


What We Do

Pangea is an accelerator program and an investment platform that matches African startups with investors. We create an enabling environment, where African entrepreneurs can develop competence, access relevant network and capital in order to reach their full potential.


We produce local milestone based accelerator programs focusing on validation and scalability.

Investor Programs

We hold investor programs, connecting leading African startups with local and foreign investors. 


We present a series of events, centered around topics of African development, investing, startup ecosystems, and politics.

Special Projects

Pangea is involved in a variety of smaller and larger scale projects, in the fields of African development and urbanization. 


Latest news

Seminar: Investing in Africa

Welcome to our seminar about investing in Africa, January 15th at FOLK, Oslo. This event takes look at the African startup ecosystem and discusses what role angel investors play today and opportunities in the fast-growing economy. The event will also discuss the impact investing space in Africa and ways people can invest in the continent.

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Pangea Investor Roundtable

Welcome to the Pangea Investor Roundtable, December 12th The Investment Program enlightens investors on investing in Africa and provides access to a larger community of investors. Investors gain first-hand experience by direct interaction with startups in the accelerator. The investment program encourages interaction and cooperation between investors in evaluating startups and learning practical skills to

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Re-Thinking Aid

TUESDAY OCTOBER 16TH AT FOLK, OSLO The purpose of this event is to provide input to Norway’s Minister of International Development and the UN High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation. The lineup of speakers is Nikolai Astrup, Tharald Nustad, Helene Friis, Preben Carlsen and many more. Our ambition is to create an inclusive discussion about Norwegian

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Aid 2.0: Disrupting Aid From Good Intentions to Good Solutions

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 25TH AT FOLK, OSLO Across Sub-Saharan Africa, phones now act as banks for millions of Africans who do not have access to traditional banks. People can buy solar energy through their phones, get their hearts examined in rural Cameroon using a medical tablet, or get blood delivered by drones in Rwanda. All over

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Pangea Investor Program Demo Day

The Pangea Investor Program is program where participating African startups compete to win funding from a co-operating group of investors in Norway and Sweden. Since April 2018, Investors in the Pangea Investor Program have mentored, advised and shared their knowledge and expertise with companies in the Pangea Accelerator in Nairobi, Kenya. In addition, the Pangea

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